Hymns for small ensembles

Set 1

8 favorite hymns arranged for use by small ensembles.. 

Each hymn arrangement includes parts for most instruments you would need--C and Bb, Eb, and F. 

Additional parts are available upon request at no charge.

These arrangements are designed to be flexible, useful, and able to provide variety and yet, still provide the basic harmonic foundation to be used in a worship setting.

Each arrangement includes 4 parts. Part 1 is the melody, parts 2 and 3 harmony parts, and part 4 is basically the bass part (I make it a point to keep it interesting and not just the roots of the chords all the time). All four parts are provided for all instruments (different transpositions, ranges, etc.).

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My Hope is Built

Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

How Great Thou Art

Jesus Loves Me

 Each arrangement can be played as a solo, a duet (with several variations), a trio (several variations), and a quartet.

For example: for a duet, part 1 can be played along with part 2, part 3, or part 4. (Three duets in one.) Several verses can be played with different combinations of the parts to keep each verse from being exactly the same. Variety is good for the players and the listeners. 

I know this sounds obvious but I have bought music for 4 parts and been disappointed to find that only one of the harmony parts makes a good duet with the melody because of the nature of the arrangement.

My goal is to provide as much flexibility and variety as possible


It Came Upon the Midnight Clear


Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Christ Arose

In the Cross of Christ I Glory

This is the popular Easter hymn, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" using all 3 of the 4-Hymns harmony parts along with the melody on both verses.|RisenCTreble



To illustrate the flexibility of this arrangement here is a sample of what you can do to perform this as a special by the choir or worship team.

 For a trio you can use parts 1, 2, and 3; or parts 1, 2, and 4; or parts 1, 3, and 4.

You can take turns with the melody and harmony parts. If you have two or three different instruments (flute, clarinet, and trombone) taking turns with the melody and the various parts could keep this duet or trio sounding fresh through several verses.

It is easy to use this with your choir or Praise Team since I have used the keys that are used in most hymnals.  No copies to make for your choir--they can sing right out of the hymnal.  This also means you can include piano or other keyboards in your final arrangement.

Sample Arrangement:

Introduction - piano and 3 trumpets (parts 1, 2, and 3) play 4th phrase of hymn.

1st Verse -

Have you ever bought music books for an ensemble?  Usually you have to buy separate books for each instrument.  That's a book for Bb instruments and another book for F instruments and so on... not to mention that you violate the copyright if you copy the music for additional instrumentalists. 


The cost adds up quickly. 

Look at this example to compare costs.

Purchase this set and receive 8 hymns and get the rights to copy as needed for your ensemble at no additional cost.  All parts included for each hymn and if you need transpositions that are not included contact me and I will send them to you at no additional cost.

Total cost = $20.00


Music books with 8 hymns for each instrument:

Vocal edition - $14.95 Bb (trumpet, tenor sax, clarinet) edition - $14.95 C (Flute) edition - $14.95 C - Bass clef (trombone, tuba) edition - $14.95 C - Rhythm edition for piano.
F - (horn) edition - $14.95 Eb - (alto sax) edition - $14.95

Total for 1 each is $104.65 plus tax

This is the cost if you intend to buy one book for each part and make copies which are not usually allowed by most books I have seen.  This could cause your cost to be much greater if you plan to be honest and buy a book for each person. 

Some problems:

Other hymn arrangements don't provide the flexibility you have with 4 Hymns Series. Not supposed to copy so legally you should buy a book for each person. Hopefully, you can find books for all instruments. If not, you are just out of luck.


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