Traditional Hymns for Contemporary Worship

Set 1

14 traditional favorite hymns arranged for use in worship. 

Each TH4CW arrangement includes parts for most instruments you would need--C and Bb (treble and bass clefs), Eb, and F. 

Additional parts are available upon request at no charge.


Lead-sheet format with chords, melody, harmonies, and lyrics together on one page for each musician.

Optional Obbligato Melody for solo instrument to be used as intro, descant, or interlude.

Click on a link below for info about specific hymns.


It is Well with My Soul

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

My Hope is Built

Holy, Holy, Holy

Everything on one page to make preparation for rehearsals easier (fewer copies, etc.)

Pages included for C (treble and bass clefs), Bb (treble and bass clefs), Eb, F instruments.  Additional transpositions available upon request at no charge..



Jesus is the Sweetest   Name I Know
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


 Just As I Am
 I Surrender All

Melody, harmonies, and Obbligato Melody are included on each page allowing instrumentalists to play any of the parts to suit your desire.

Flexibility - these arrangements provide you with many different possibilities for use in worship settings.






</span></span>This is the popular hymn, "It is Well with My Soul" using the TH4CW harmony parts and obbligato melody on the second verse. is Well with My Soul.mp3|It is Well with My Soul





To illustrate the flexibility of this arrangement here is a sample of what your can do to perform this as a special by the choir or worship team.


Away in a Manger


1. Intro - solo instrument begins with "the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay" and play to the end with either piano or guitar playing arpeggios.


2. First verse - Female solo till third phrase when two harmony voices join.  Piano or guitar playing arpeggios as accompaniment.


3. Second verse - Men sing melody with women singing harmony parts. Full rhythm section accompanying.


4. Third verse - divide men and women between melody and harmony parts with soloist leading on melody and instruments divided between melody and harmony parts with one instrument playing obbligato part.





There are many other possibilities for using this arrangement for special music or leading worship.




Why is TH4CW Collection 1 such a Special Value?

Have you ever bought music books for an ensemble?  Usually you have to buy separate books for each instrument.  That's a book for Bb instruments and another book for F instruments and so on... not to mention that you violate the copyright if you copy the music for additional instrumentalists. 


The cost adds up quickly. 

Look at this example to compare costs.

Purchase TH4CW and receive 14 hymns and get the rights to copy as needed for your ensemble at no additional cost.  All parts included for each hymn and if you need transpositions that are not included contact me and I will send them to you at no additional cost.

Total cost = $26.00


Music books with 8-10 hymns for each instrument:

  • Vocal edition - $14.95
  •  Rhythm edition - $14.95
  • Bb (trumpet, tenor sax, clarinet) edition - $14.95
  • C (Flute) edition - $14.95
  • C - Bass clef (trombone, tuba) edition - $14.95
  • F - (horn) edition - $14.95
  • Eb - (alto sax) edition - $14.95

Total for 1 each is $104.65 plus tax

Some problems:

  1. Other hymn arrangements don't provide the flexibility you have with TH4CW.
  2. Not supposed to copy so legally you should buy a book for each person.
  3. Hopefully, you can find books for all instruments.


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