Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Chris the Lord is Risen Today is a very popular Easter  hymn, lyrics by Charles Wesley and Tune from Lyra Davidica, London 1708.

          Traditional Hymns for Contemporary Worship


Features of this hymn arrangement:

  • Lead-sheet format with chords, melody, harmonies, and lyrics together on one page.
  • Optional Obligato Melody for solo instrument to be used as intro, descant, or interlude.
  • Everything on one page to make preparation for rehearsals easier..
  • Pages included for C (treble and bass clefs), Bb (treble and bass clefs), Eb, F instruments.
  • Melody, harmonies, and Obligato Melody are included on each page allowing instrumentalists to play any of the parts to suit your desire.
  • Flexibility to be used in a variety of ways with a variety of ensembles.
  • Arrangement in a different key is available upon request though harmonies and Obbligato Melody may not work as well in new key.

A Sample Arrangement:

To illustrate the flexibility of this arrangement here is a sample of what your can do to perform this as a special by the choir or worship team.

Away in a Manger

1. Intro - solo instrument begins with "the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay" and play to the end with either piano or guitar playing arpeggios.

2. First verse - Female solo till third phrase when two harmony voices join.  Piano or guitar playing arpeggios as accompaniment.

3. Second verse - Men sing melody with women singing harmony parts. Full rhythm section accompanying.

4. Third verse - divide men and women between melody and harmony parts with soloist leading on melody and instrument divided between melody and harmony parts with one instrument playing obbligato part.

There are many other possibilities for using this arrangement for special music or leading worship.

Listen to a computer generated sample of this arrangement here:|Christ the Lord is Risen C Treble

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